Why Cold-Pressed?

A: All juicers are not created equal. What sets cold-pressed juicers apart is the lack of oxygen and heat the fruits and vegetables are exposed to while juicing. Our juicer crushes the fruits and vegetables, then squeezes it, ensuring you get every last drop. The process used at The Big Squeezy guarantees that the most nutrients and live enzymes are maintained. Translation: you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Why Cleanse?

A: Even if you lead a healthy lifestyle, toxins from the air you breathe and what you put into your body build up over time. Cleanses help detox your body and mind, so you can rebuild your system. Unless this isn’t your first cleanse, you’ll want to read more in our FAQ section and speak with a juice consultant at the shop before diving into one of our cleanses.

Why Local?

Buying and eating locally grown fruit and veggies reduces your carbon footprint and ensures your ingredients are organic. Also, produce from local farms are fresher because they are harvested closer to peak ripeness and they do not travel long distances to stores. Many fruits and vegetables contain more nutrients when they are allowed to ripen naturally and are picked and consumed at the ideal time.

So what exactly is this cold pressed juice stuff?

All juice is not created equal. Cold Pressing is the most effective way to extract the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients and most importantly, living enzymes from fruits and vegetables. Unlike other methods, Cold Pressing keeps the all important enzymes intact by introducing zero heat and very little oxygen into the product. Consumption of Cold Pressed Juice floods your body with the absolute best nature has to offer. This means you are getting a greater amount of nutrients and delicious flavors that make both your body and tastebuds happy.

Can’t I just eat a bunch of fruits and vegetables?

Sure you can, but it’s unlikely you will be able to eat all the fruits and veggies in a day unless you are an orangutan. We encourage everyone to consume as many fruits and veggies as they can, but it’s almost impossible to match the nutritional punch that you get by drinking our Cold Pressed Juice. Plus, when you eat these foods, your body takes in fiber, which forces your digestive system to spend a lot of energy breaking it down, which keeps your insides healthy.

How long has cold pressed juice been around?

We might be the first Cold Pressed Juicery here in Baton Rouge, but the technology has been around since Norman Walker developed it in the 1930s. Walker lived to be 99 years old, so something was working for him, and we’re betting on the juice! Today, hundreds of Cold Pressed Juiceries are popping up all over the country. We believe this resurgence of Norman Walker’s method is a direct result of people becoming more aware of what they are putting into their bodies. This new movement leads to one thing: drink juice and feel better.

OK, now what are these superfoods that are in your smoothies?

They might not be superheroes, but they do pack a powerful punch. Superfoods have essential vitamins and nutrients that help your body work at peak performance. Not only do these foods fight cancer, improve eyesight, and keep your heart healthy, but new research shows that superfoods also help you fight fat and stay thin. Lucky for you, we use these superfoods in all of our juices and smoothies so you get the maximum benefit.

Are these juices safe?

Of course they are! Our juices are not only safe, but superior to any other store-bought product since we only use ingredients of the highest quality. We make our juices on site everyday. With all that freshness, your body can’t help but smile.


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