The Big Squeezy was founded in 2013 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana by Kim Matsko and her brother Brent Matsko.  In 2015 they joined forces with California based entrepreneur, Ash Shoukry.  In 2016 The Big Squeezy will become one of the only "farm to bottle" juice programs in the U.S. by using produce grown on their organic farm and begin selling in stores nationwide.  


The Big Squeezy was born out of our passion for sharing the wonderful benefits of juicing with others.  Not all juices are created equal and it is a well established fact that only Cold Pressed Juice keeps the all important enzymes intact.  Without boring you with all the science behind this, trust us when we say IT’S ALL ABOUT THE ENZYMES!  And oh yea, did we mention they also taste absolutely delicious? Experience yourself what the buzz is all about!

We live in a junk food culture, and it is more important than ever to bring awareness to what we are putting into our bodies. With all the tempting food options out there, we know it can be hard to make the right dietary choices. The Big Squeezy makes it easy for you; if it’s not good for you, it’s not on the menu!

Our always unprocessed Cold Pressed Juices and Juice Cleanses are prepared fresh on premise.  We are committed to supporting local, sustainable farms, and source only the highest quality ingredients for everything we prepare for you.

Small footprint, big taste. Local.  Raw.  Delicious.