"After a long weekend... There's only one place to go for a good detox!"

-Kristin, Baton Rouge, LA


"Do yourself a favor, if you're in the LSU area, stop by and try these juices, the staff is super friendly, and you know you're putting something delicious and nutritious in your body!!"

-Kelsey, Baton Rouge, LA


"Great owner. Great place. Nothing like it here. This is for the serious juice people. And the raw oatmeal is BOMB DIGGITY. Try it."

-Carrie, Los Angeles, CA


"It's worth the effort to park! I've watched a couple of other stores fizzle in the space now occupied by the Big Sqeezy, but I'm hopeful it  stays around for awhile. The menu is well thought out with a variety of cold-pressed juices and smoothies. The juices are pre-made but very fresh, so there is no wait time. They will also let you try a taste before you buy, so don't be shy to make a taste request.

I juice at home and am well aware of the health benefits. I'm also well aware of the time it takes to clean the fruit and produce, the mess it creates and cleanup it entails, and the expense of the pounds of produce and fruit needed to make a small quantity of juice. The $8 to $9 price for a truly fresh juice or smoothie is well worth it."

-Bob, Baton Rouge, LA


"Seriously awesome! I got the Sweet Greens juice after having the opportunity to sample all of them. Along with their homemade Almond Milk. oh my goodness was it good! the best almond milk I have ever had by far.

Expensive but what do you expect, it's high quality stuff. Definitely some place to stop by if you're looking for a real healthy drink, not a "smoothie" with fake fruit and pumps of sugary syrup."

-Arianne, Washington, DC 


"Looking for a little healthy pick-me-up in Baton Rouge? Stop by the cleverly named Big Squeezy on Perkins Road. They provide a lot of options of juices, smoothies, and other healthy treats. The prices may be a bit higher than other smoothie places, but the ingredients are the real deal. Almost anything that comes out of the ground will be put in a juicer here an into your cup. And to me, that is a good sign of a healthy smoothie."

-Andy, Thibodaux, LA


"Yaaaas.  My sister lives in BR and insisted we stop here, and I am glad we did.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but the two young gals behind the counter were fantastic in explaining the thoughts and ingredients that go into making the juices here.  They were so enthusiastic and very proud to let us sample all the juices and even the new oatmeal and soups they had.  It's refreshing to see people who are so invested in and enthused about what they are selling.

I ended up getting the seasonal pumpkin smoothie (literally the best thing I've had all season), which filled me up with healthy things but tasted quite like dessert.  I got a Crazy Eights juice for later also.

The prices are on the high side, but as Kelsey W. mentioned it kind of saves you the headache of buying/storing all the produce and cleaning/preparing the juicer yourself.

As I'm not a local, I probably won't be back often, but when I make my biannual trip to BR I will be back!"

-Linley, Sydney, Australia


 "Found this spot by complete accident, and man I love when that happens! Had the Crazy 8 and some dried papaya. Beautifuly crafted! The juice was fresh, the place is actully pretty nice, and the girl at the counter was really kind. I wish you the very best guys! Keep it up!"

-Cesar, Addison, TX